Naked Solitude

USA, 2018

A  view  of the life of Sadegh Hedayat

The leading novelist of modern Iranian prose , Hedayat was an intellectual and a  revolutionary . Born in Tehran in 1903 , he committed suicide in 1951 in Paris , France . He is one of the most controversial literary figures of the 20th century Iran . Many books and articles about him , except for a few , have presented a distorted view of his life and literary work .
After Hedayat's death , the novel  "  Blind Owl "  was praised as a literary masterpiece. The French writer Andre Breton called it one of the best world literary works. And the critic Andre Rousseau commented : "  Blind Owl  "   is a milestone in the world literature as Kafka's  "  The Trial  "  was .

Censure and distortion of Hedayat's literary works by the Clergy in his lifetime has continued after his death.The character assassination of  Hedayat in his time led many parents and teachers to warn their students to avoid reading his books , claiming these stories would cause depression and  suicide .Hedayat's  harsh criticism of his time  was devastating to the leaders of the Clergy , the Colonialists and ,their hired intellectualls and artists .In revengeful response they  tried to defame him and his work.He was portrayed and described as a  suicidal , depressed pessimist and , a misogynist .

This  film , " Naked Solitude " , is an effort to wipe the " smear " off  Hedayat's face , to portray  him as truely as he was.