Rebel Generation

USA, 2013, 47 min

The film "Rebel Generation" centers on today's Iranian youth who participated in that country's social movements and consequently had to leave Iran to seek asylum in the West.

The film also looks at the 1979 Revolution in Iran and the 80's massacres; When with the help of the United States and Western governments Khomeini took over the leadership of the people's revolution and destroyed the principles of the revolution in the interest of global capitalism. But despite all that, the people's war against the regime persists. The demands and desires of the '79 revolution are being kept alive.

- Making of Rebel Generation

Rebel Generation is a groundbreaking new documentary made independently by award-winning documentary maker Moslem Mansouri. While traveling to 19 different European cities throughout Europe over the last two years for the screening of his previous documentary, The Final Word, Mansouri interviewed many young activists who left Iran after 1999’s sham election to seek asylum in the west.

He then culled the over 120 hours of material down to a moving forty-seven minute film, which documents the rarely-seen images of these refugees’ lives, struggles, demands, dreams, and hopes while in exile.

This deeply touching film gives a voice to the huge number of youths and the new wave of Iranian activists and political refugees who are adjusting to a life in exile without losing their dream in creating a better world for all...the exiled new generation rarely seen or heard of in the mainstream media.