1) Cinema va Adabyat (Cinema and literature);
Moslem Mansouri's several interviews with Iranian cinema and literature icons. Published by "Elmi Publisher" in Tehran, Iran, 1997

2) Dorane separi nashodeh (The not passing time);

A Film script based on Novels written by Ahmad Mahmod; the well-known Iranian novelist.
Published by "narangestn publishers" in California, United State, 2005

There is also review and interviews with Moslem mansouri in the following books:

- Poets, chroniclers, rebels
  International Documentary maker Profile
  Teissl, Verena / Volker Kull (ed.)

- The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity written by Tariq Ali

320 pages
Schüren Publisher
ISBN: 3-89472-411-0