Iran-France 1996/43min

Five years after Kiarostami's Close-Up, CLOSE-UP LONG SHOT focuses on Hossein Sabzian telling his own story. Far from being an impostor, he communicates his infatuation with the movies and his conception of the 7th Art. He tells how his life changed after shooting the film. He reflects upon his social condition, his desires, his fears, becoming like a mirror in which ordinary people and moviegoers can see their own face. CLOSE-UP LONG SHOT is a series of conversations and interviews with people who know Sabzian. It is constructed like ,a pyramid of mounting emotion'. Voices criss-cross. Isolation. Then, a long sequence shot of Sabzian himself. Close shots that capture the emotions...
"Close-up, Long Shot" earned the International Federation of Critiques award at the Turin film festival in Italy in 1997 and the Best film prize in Lisbon Festival in Portugal.

Berlin film festival, Germany 
Thessaloniki film festival, Greece
Film festival rotterdom, Netherlands
Torino film festival, Italy
Lisbon film festival, Portugal
Real film festival, France
San Francisco film festival, U.S
Rom film festival, Italy
Florence film festival, Italy