Iran - USA 2002 / 33 min

Prostitution in Iran sounds like an anomaly, but is a significant social problem for those pushed to the poverty line through fate, social structures and gender related discrimination. Distressingly, prostitution has become an option for women on all sides of the societal spectrum and "Epitaph" leads a frank discussion on the desperation that pushes these Islamic women beyond the boundary. Startlingly we learn that prostitution has transcended its traditional frontiers and married women, as well as, divorcees, widows, children and university students, see it as their only option for survival.


Film festival Taltel, Sweden
The Association Art in Exile, Sweden
Women of colour film festival, New York
Film festival in Exile,Sweden
Iranian Resistance Cinema in Exile, Toronto, Canada
Thessaloniki film festival, Greece
Viennale film festival, Australia
Women Freedom Fond, Colorado, U.S
Lesben film festival Berlin, Germany
Gene Siskel film festival Center, Chicago, U.S
Festival Acces Asie ,Montreal, Canada
Tiburon International film festival, America
Goethe-Institute, Eastland
Miedzynarodowy festival film, Poland
Tallinn film festival, Estonia
Lyon Art festival France