Michael Moore's praise and admiration of 'Trial" movie
By: Naazi Beiglari - Voice of America 

The movie "Trial", created by Moslem Mansouri which won the best docu/scenario film in 2003 'Tribeca" festival, with $25,000 prize in technical and laboratory services, has no resemblance with any documentary films we have ever seen before.  The story is about Mr. Ali Matini, a movie director who passionately loves cinema and makes movies at villages around Tehran with no actual budget, and with players who are the real people of those villages!

Ali Matini who was making movies at Tehran suburbs without a permit, was arrested by Islamic regime of Iran.  Subsequently, he was released under one condition, not to make movies any more, and the government even forced the villagers to agree not to cooperate with him any longer, until Moslem Mansouri, the documentary movie maker asked Matini to make one last un-orthodox movie in front of Mansouri's camera.    Moslem Mansouri filmed this very last Matini's effort and created the beautiful movie named "Trial"; a movie that Michael Moore - the great and controversial director who was one of the judges at 'Tribeca" festival, personally praised and admired on the stage, on the final night of the festival.