- Lady of the East

Iran-US, 2007/7min

This music video is a salute to the women's movement for freedom in Iran and an objection to their present condition.

- Enshrouded in black

Iran.US, 2005/6min

A song which poetically and symbolically revels the atrocities and brutality of the theological regimes while preaches about hope of victory.
The Artists consisting of lyricist ( Iraj Jenati Attaie), singer(Ebi), and composer(Siavash Ghomaishi) are among the well known Iranian musicians.

- Return to my homeland

Iran-US, 2007/9min

Baazgasht is the narrative of an expatriate's visit to Iran, telling the story of nostalgic bitter-sweet encounters with a past that has been virtually wiped out to the point where almost nothing she sees is reminiscent of her time and place in pre-revolution Iran.

After living in exile for nearly three decades the visitor, who had longed to see her homeland all these years, finds herself in the midst of changed landmarks that no longer represent her childhood memories. She even gets to observe first-hand some of the heart-wrenching human realities that have befallen her beloved homeland and laments on the conditions she sees (Lyrics, Music, and Vocals: Ziba Shirazi)

Ziba Shirazi