Iran - USA 2002 / 45 min

Twenty kilometers outside of Tehran is the village of Khosro. There you will find a group of people, led by bricklayer Ail Matini, making 8mm movies in a primitive, yet innovative way. Defying government control, Mr. Matini has written 110 books and has made 18 films, distributing them within the premises of the surrounding villages.

In 1992, Mr. Matini and his group were arrested by government forces and sent to prison. Months later they were released on the condition that they make no more films, and the villagers were forced to sign documents saying that they would not associate with the filmmakers. Despite this, the group took the risk of making one more film so that their process could be documented by director Moslem Mansouri.

"Trial" was shown in May 2003 in the famous film festival of Robert De Niro - Tribeca - in New York and earned the documentary section prize and was praised by the festival's jury; Michael Moore. It was shown in the Channel 1 of the Swedish TV and won the prize of Movieeye/Kinoglaz in Tver, Russia in 2004.

Tribeca film festiva, l New York
Movie Eye/Kinoglas International Real Cinema and festival, Russia
Viennale film festival, Austria
Pusan film festival, South Korea
Brawnschwieg film festival, Germany
Tiburon film festival, U.S
The Association Art in Exile, France
Documentary film fest, Mexico
Festival Nouvean cinema Redcat ,U.S
Renconters International du Documentary, Montreal, Canada
Film festival in Exile, Sweden
Thessaloniki film festival, Greece
Documentary film festival Leipzig, Germany
Taiwan Documentary film festival, Taiwan
Side walk film festival, Alabama, U.S
Festival de Cine Las Garzaz, Panama
International Documentary film festival, Slovakia
South Africa film festival, South Africa
Anchorage International film festival, Alaska
Festival Acces Asie , Montreal, Canada
Tekfestival, Italy
Hot Spriss Documentary film festival
Split film festival, U.S
Dallas film festival, U.S
Gene Siskel film festival Center, Chicago, America
Emirates film Competition, United Emirates
Tallinn film festival, Estonia
Docpoint-Helsinki Documentary film festival, Finland
International festival film Limoges, France